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Create and manage leads, proposals, sales campaigns

Web based Sales Management Software

Our web based sales management software includes everything your sales team needs to succeed. The sales process tools are easy to use and are integrated with the rest of the Nediso solution.

Sales Contact Management
Our sales management software allows you to keep track of all of your leads with this easy to use contact management software. With this software you have more than a simple contact list. You and your Sales representatives can assign and record results of calls, appointments, and tasks and more to each lead. This way, all of your team members with access to the sales management software can not only see a complete history for the lead, but can also add to it as well

My Open Items
Your sales team can view all of their open items from one screen allowing them to be more productive. They can review open proposals, call lists, appointments, notes by simply clicking the appropriate icon.

My Open Items

Proposal Writing and Management
The proposal writing and management portion of the sales management software makes it easy for you to create and manage all of your proposals (or estimates). What makes Nedisos Sales Management software different is the pro?t calculator and the ability to clone old proposals.

Instant Pro?t Calculator: With the proposal feature of the sales management software youll always know if the proposal youre writing is pro?table without having to pull out a calculator. As you enter the Products and Services for the proposal as well as your costs (not printed on the proposal), the sales management software calculates your estimated gross pro?t and percentage at the bottom of the page.

Clone Proposals: For service based businesses, it is often a good idea to rebid on previously lost opportunities. But, who has the time to go sift through those old proposals and recreate them? With Nedisos sales management software, you do. The cloning gives you the ability to make basic updates and reprint old proposals in a few easy steps.

Once a sales lead becomes a customer, their information is seamlessly transferred from the sales management software to the CRM Customer Relationship Management tools.

Sales Management Software Dashboard
The Sales Management Software Dashboard provides users with a number of useful sales lists and widgets. With them your team will always know what they need to do and how their efforts are paying off. The sales management software dashboard features:

  • • An interactive illustration of the complete sales process
  • • A Sales Campaign Summary
  • • Various performance trackers
  • • A searchable lead list
  • • Quick links to Sales Reports


Proposal writing software view Sales Dashboard