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Customer Relationship Management Software

Manage your customers in one place. Proposals, Jobs, Invoices...

Customer Relationship Management Software

Today, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is all about placing more focus on potential and existing customers. The goal is to meet and possibly even exceed customer expectations not only through the goods or services you sell but also the customer support you provide. Implementing Customer Relationship Management software and new processes to go with the software can lead the way to improving your customers experience when doing business with you or anyone on your team.

Nedisos Customer Relationship Management software is unique because it is seamlessly integrated with all aspects of the service business management software package. When you are signed into Nediso, you can access all areas of a customers recent history from sales contracts, to work orders, to invoicing and payments and more through the Customer Relationship Management Software.

The Customer Activity Center Feature
The heart of the Customer Relationship Management software is the home page Activity Center. It allows you to be able to quickly find the information you need on a single page, reducing the average time it takes to answer a customers question. From the Customer Relationship Management softwares Activity Center, you can:

  • Search for a customer
  • View all open items including tasks, contracts, appointments, jobs, invoices, etc., making follow-up easy
  • Schedule appointments and calls
  • Create and manage opportunities for new contracts
  • Create and manage proposals
  • Create and manage contracts
  • Create and View notes
  • Assign tasks to yourself or other team members
  • See a complete activity history for the client


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